Gear Repair

Proper Care & Cleaning of Firefighter Turnout Gear

More and more Fire Departments are turning to Bergeron Protective Clothing to support Turnout Gear Repair and Alterations. Firefighter Turnout Gear should be routinely inspected and serviced because proper care: assures performance, extends the life of the garment, and most importantly, it ensures Firefighter Safety NFPA 1851 states that "Advanced Inspection shall be conducted at a minimum of every 12 months and Advanced Cleaning should be performed every six months or immediately after an element has been soiled or contaminated.

Bergeron Protective Clothing offers a broad range of Repair & Alteration Services tailored to the specific needs of the firefighter or the department. Our services are focused at helping to maintain a high standard of serviceability and prolonging the life of your Firefighter Turnout Gear.

Our services are compliant with NFPA 1851 and we promise the high standard of customer service you have come to enjoy with Bergeron Protective Clothing.


Our on-site repair facilities allow us to repair damaged gear as well as customize gear to your exacting requirements. 

Most Repair and Customization work is quoted on an individual basis. Contact Us for further information regarding these services.


The staff at Bergeron Protective Clothing recognize the importance of proper care of your turnout gear. Our Turnout Gear Alteration Services are thorough, compliant with NFPA 1851, and will not compromise the protective characteristics of the gear insuring firefighter safety. It is a proven fact that properly maintained turnout gear will last longer providing long term cost savings to municipalities.

Care and Cleaning

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  • Life Expectancy


Contact Us to discuss a Turnout Gear Alteration Program tailored to your specific needs.