NRS Otter 130 Boat Package 130BOATPKGE

NRS Otter 130 Boat Package 130BOATPKGE


Boat Package includes: 

Four NRS PT Paddles and one Carlisle Guide Paddle for a team of five rescuers, an NRS 5" Barrel Pump and repair kit are also included.


Other Boat features include:

  • 41-oz, 1100-denier Pennel Orca® tubes and floor
  • 35-oz, 840-denier wear patch
  • HD40 gum chafer
  • Two removable thwarts
  • Twelve Stainless D-rings
  • Four EasyCarry™ handles
  • Leafield valves
  • Three-year warranty on workmanship
  • Three-year materials warranty
  • Self-bailing
  • High maneuverability
  • Color - Blue
  • Size - 13'L x 6'2"W, 18" tubes