New Gear

Thank you for inquiring about new Structural Firefighting Turnout Gear

While the selection of a turnout gear specification is relatively simple, it is certainly not an easy topic to navigate on your own. The following Globe products are our top selling sets of turnout gear. The G-XTREME and G-XCEL sets are built to outlast even the harshest environments.  Click a below to view details of these products.

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We have coverage from points north and south...east to west, in the Bay State. We are PPE specialists, offering Globe since 1982. We are also on the Massachusetts State Contract FIR03. We carry a full range of Globe boots right in our vans! Call us to see what's new with Globe gear!


G-XTREME-Jacket G-XTREME-Pants G-XCEL-Jacket G-XCEL-Pants


Selection & Purchase

There are many topics to consider when selecting gear for your department. The following are recommended in the NFPA 1851 standard-2008 edition:


Risk Assessment

  • Type of Duties
  • Frequency of Use
  • Fire Department's Experiences
  • Incident Operations
  • Geographic Locations & Climate
  • Likelihood of CBRN Response

Interface with Other Items

  • Wear Test Criteria
  • Develop Purchase Specifications
  • Inspection Upon Receipt of Purcahsed Elements

Please “contact us” for help in developing a specification that will best suit your needs.