Bergeron Bugle - Spring 2010 Issue
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Hi-Vis Jackets Starting at just $115
Spiewak S578V Public Safety Parka $150 Globe Hi-Vis Jacket $360 Gerber Response Parka $399
Spiewak S578V Public Safety Parka - More Information Globe Hi-Vis Jacket - More Information Globe Hi-Vis Response Parka - More Information
Gerber Eclipse Jacket $179 Occunomix TJ-BJ Bomber Jacket $115 Nine-1-One Battalion Chief Jacket $299
Gerber Eclipse Jacket - More Information Occunomix TJ-BJ Bomber Jacket - More Information Nine-1-One Battalion Chief Jacket - More Information
Message From The Owners

In this months issue of the Bergeron Bugle we are featuring popular jacket choices. Whether you are looking for Hi-Vis, night time reflectivity, department identification, protection from the elements, or protective EMS garments, we have a choice in your category. While the favorites are displayed here, please note that we have many choices that may be specific to your needs that may not be shown. Feel free to contact us for questions, or to have a representative stop by your department with samples.

Happy Spring!
Rich Hillsgrove & Dawn Farnham