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1. Adjustable Front Closure /Elasticized Back (Patented)
Helping to make G-XTREME™ pants fit like a pair of jeans, to transfer weight to your hips instead of your shoulders, and to keep the added length and fullness in the seat under control, the back of the waist is elasticized. A vertical hook and loop storm fly and the permanently attached belt with an adjustable high-temp polymer buckle in front makes for fast and secure donning.


2. AXTION™ Seat (Patented)
When you bend your knees, the revolutionary G-XTREME™ Pants allow for the added length and fullness you need in the seat. Not only can you step up without restriction, but when you kneel your knees are directly over the knee pads without any twisting of the leg. When you try on a pair, you'll immediately appreciate just how dramatic this difference is.


3. AXTION™ Knee (Patented)
Horizontal pleats built into the shell and corresponding darts in the AXTION™ liner on the front of each leg provide extra length where you need it for stepping up, sitting down, kneeling, or crawling. The fronts of the legs are wider than the back to provide more fullness over the knee where you want it and less bulk under the knee where you don't. Side seams are rolled toward the back of the legs keeping them out of the primary abrasion area. Together with the AXTION™ seat and liner, this system allows you to bend your knees without restriction.


4. Independent Stretch Waistband
2" wide and lined with water resistant fabric, the waistband is cut on the bias (diagonally) for stretch and an unrestricted fit. Liner attaches under the waistband for no-gap protection.


5. Diamond Crotch Gusset
Distributes fabric stress over five double-stitched seams in both the shell and liner.


6. Double-Stitched Seams
The strongest double-needle joining seams in the industry with more stitches per inch for longer service life.


7. Expansion Cargo Pant Pockets
Two 2" X 10" X 10" full bellows style cargo pockets have an extra layer of shell material to reinforce the lower half for longer wear life.


8. Flame-Resistant Hook and Loop Fastener
Hook and loop fastener is specially treated for flame resistance and attached with quadruple stitching at all primary closures.


9. AXTION™ Liner (Patented)
The liner has darts in both the thermal and moisture barriers corresponding to the added length in the shell provided by the AXTION™ Knee. The liner has a reverse boot cut in the back and a concave cut in the front to keep the liner from hanging below the shell and is connected at the cuff with 2 snap tabs for security.


10. Liner Access Opening
An access opening in the liner hidden under the front waistband allows you to check out the condition of the moisture barrier and thermal barrier when you need to.


11. Thermally Enhanced Knee
An extra layer of your specified thermal liner and moisture barrier in the liner knee adds padding for comfort and protects this high compression area.


12. Cuff Reinforcement on Sleeve and Pant Leg
Cuffs are reinforced with an extra layer of your choice of materials, double-stitched for extended wear.


13. Reflective Trim and Lettering
We offer a wide choice of trim styles and materials to meet your visibility and identification requirements.


14. TRIMTRAX™ Thread Protection System (Patented)
Our patented system of abrasion resistant KEVLAR® cording protects the thread securing our reflective trim from abrasion. Lasts longer than conventional trim stitching so maintenance costs are lower and your gear is in service more often.


15. Padded H-Back Rip Cord Suspenders
Suspenders attach to horizontal loops sewn to the top of the waistband so that there is no metal hardware to dig in to your waist or get caught up. H-Back design stays on your shoulder; rip-cord hardware allows easy adjustment and quick release. Integral padded shoulder straps.


16. Reverse Boot Cut on Pant Legs
Pant legs are 1 inch shorter in the back to avoid premature cuff wear.


17. Fits Like a Pair of Jeans
An adjustable belt and elasticized back make G-XTREME™ Pants fit like a pair of jeans - the suspenders are a preference, not a matter of necessity.


18. Women's Sizes
Available in a full range of patterns designed especially for the female firefighter.


19. Optional SILIZONE™ Foam Knees
Knees can be padded with SILIZONE™ foam padding to make crawling almost heavenly. The SILIZONE™ padding is installed on the outer shell as standard, but can also be installed on the liner system if you prefer.